Title: Playboy
Blog Entry: Playboy Playboy Playboy, Finally one of my dreams has come true. First in Jan when I was booked for a shoot for Playboy Estonia. I went there by boat and met the photographer Filippo and Playboy Editor Andre. I was taken to a Five star hotel which I loved, of course I had two shoots and also one event, it was the Playboy new year's event. On the event I had my own little show as a dancer girl 12 o'clock, it went very well and was a lot of fun! The same day before the event I had the first shoot for the magazine. The second one was two days after the event since everyone was free the day after..tired..*oh yes*  But time for shopping and the spa The magazine is OUT now! The March issue :) Just two days after I got home to Sweden I had to go to London to do a test-shoot for playboy USA . After a nervous but good shoot I got booked just a couple of days later! It went perfectly well and was very fun and a good experience. I went back to Sweden..and after a couple of weeks.. GUESS WHAT? I was told I got the Cover of Playboy Lingerie June, July issue . That was one of the best moments ever in my life..My biggest dream finally is true :) My cover is out about a month! Don't forget to check it out ;D / Tindra xx