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We want you for the Moda Star Bikini Challenge 2008
Posted On 05/22/2008 13:12:04 by administrator
Things are heating up for the upcoming Moda Star Bikini Challenge 2008

Three events have been scheduled (Reno on July 18th, Las Vegas on July 20th and Fresno on July 26th).

These three major events will help launch Moda Star Models and Moda Star Clothing into the world.

What's going to happen at these events?

First, Moda Star Models and the Moda Star Bikini Line will be holding casting calls, photo shoots and contests to find the models for the new bikini catalog.... Read More

Modeling Terms and Glossary
Posted On 11/29/2007 18:58:57 by administrator
ADVERTISING AGENCY - creates advertising campaigns for clients, selects models.
AFTRA - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, union for all TV performers.
AGENT, AGENCY - third party negotiator, receives percentage fee of bookings; could be an individual person or a company.
ART DIRECTOR - artist who creates layout for ads, illustrates model's poses.
BACKDROP - background used in a photographer's studio.
BLOCKING - the actual physical movements by actors in any scen... Read More

The Moda Star Models Beginning
Posted On 11/27/2007 15:40:58 by administrator
MODA STAR MODELS was created during the Summer of 2006.  With the cooperative efforts of acclaimed Swedish photographer Patrik Book and award winning web design and marketing entrepreneur Greg Richburg from California, Moda Star became a reality.
MODA – Fashion – Style – Tend – Craze – Mode – All The Rage – In – Vogue
However you can look at it, MODA STAR is all about and defines the lines of the photography and modeling.
With heavy ties to the swimwear and... Read More

Moda Star Bikinis and Swimwear

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