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We want you for the Moda Star Bikini Challenge 2008
Posted On 05/22/2008 13:12:04 by administrator
Things are heating up for the upcoming Moda Star Bikini Challenge 2008

Three events have been scheduled (Reno on July 18th, Las Vegas on July 20th and Fresno on July 26th).

These three major events will help launch Moda Star Models and Moda Star Clothing into the world.

What's going to happen at these events?

First, Moda Star Models and the Moda Star Bikini Line will be holding casting calls, photo shoots and contests to find the models for the new bikini catalog.

Second, we're going to have professional photographers and make up artists do their magic and put you in your own real-life photo shoot.  We've already booked photographers Patrik Book of Sweden and JP Maroot for the event.   And we've got Roy Silva scheduled for hair and make up. This is going to be one major event! 

And lastly, you can help debut the new Moda Star Bikini Line. It's a brand, new, never been seen before line of sexy swimwear designed by us.

If you are interested in being a swimsuit bikini model, please submit your information including photos, measurements and experience.

There will be contracts given as awards and also prize money, clothing, makeup and more.

Three cities will be involved at this time: Fresno, Reno and Las Vegas. We would like to have 50 or more models at each event.

Please pass around and send request more information here or send to info@modastarmodels.com.

Hope to see you there in Fresno, Reno and Las Vegas ... or at all three events.

Go to modastarfashion.com to enter.

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