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Moda Star Bikinis at ASR 2009
Posted On 01/28/2009 23:42:57 by administrator

The ASR Convention in San Diego, California is one of the largest events for retailers involved in the commerce of Action Sports.   This year Moda Star Bikinis and the Moda Star Models group setup a booth to display their goods. 
MODA STAR, the latest creative bikini has just landed giving a breath of fresh air into the swimwear industry! 

This is the enchanting story of a charming and affordable bikini linked to a very unique and impressive merchandising concept, powerful branding and visual identity, and an impacting marketing strategy.  Teamed with a modeling agency and various resort facilities, MODA STAR will have an immediate impact in world of fashion, modeling, MMA, vacation hot spots and more.

While at the Action Sports Retailer convention, Moda Star Bikinis and their fabulous models Alex Zerega, Danielle May and Nicole Brewer, displayed with vigor the newest releases from the Moda Star Bikini Sping/Summer 2009 collection. 

Groups and organizations from all over come to view the latest fads, styles and crazes out for this coming summer months, and Moda Star Bikinis is right there with them showing off their cool, sleek and sexy styles. 

In speaking more with Moda Star executive and founder Greg Richburg, we learned that their first private label clothing line was designed and manufactured in the spring and summer of 2008.   They have successfully created an excellent foundation system of bikinis made up of 10 different bikini styles and over 15 different fabrics. They have developed a mix and match style system that with their current product line can yield over 150 various items. Also, they have designed a few different body wraps to accommodate the bikinis, offering multiple looks and flavors.

Inspired by Brazilian design Corpo De Aqua, Ujena, Exotica, Blue Sky, beautiful
photography and beaches all over the planet, the Moda Star Family has created an idea that is making a grand entrance with world wide impact.

Along with the new fashion and fun bikini line, Moda Star Bikinis had an impressive online catalog and magazine.  The Moda Star Bikini Magazine (www.modastarmagazine.com) offers a high end flash flip book integrated with an order form and loads of high end images of their beautiful models, and of course their swimwear.  Interestingly enough, they are actually in the progress of developing a turnkey solution for other manufactures for web based sales, both retail and wholesale alike. 

So the Moda Star Bikinis staff was there turning more then just heads of retailers, but also there to offer support and services to manufacturers wanting this type of web based digital publication model.  The idea is to take any manufacturer’s printed catalog and order form and turn it into a secured web based flash magazine order form quickly and easily.  More information about this can be found with their partner company.  Just Google Netricks Media.

Cutting edge, avant-garde, progressive and sexy for sure.  Seeking more information on Moda Star Bikinis, Moda Star Models, and Moda Star Magazine?  Go check out any of their beautiful, high class websites. 

Vera Jones
Central Valley Entertainment News

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