Title: The Moda Star Models Beginning
Tags: Moda Star Models Bikinis modeling fashion photography
Blog Entry: MODA STAR MODELS was created during the Summer of 2006.  With the cooperative efforts of acclaimed Swedish photographer Patrik Book and award winning web design and marketing entrepreneur Greg Richburg from California, Moda Star became a reality. MODA – Fashion – Style – Tend – Craze – Mode – All The Rage – In – Vogue However you can look at it, MODA STAR is all about and defines the lines of the photography and modeling. With heavy ties to the swimwear and bikini industry, Moda Star Models can be found at various swimwear and bikini contests all over the world like the Ujena Bikini Jam in Puerta Vallarta Mexico towards the end of Augurst 2008. Moda Star offers a wide range of advertising and sponsorship opportunities in the form of banner ads, model sponsorships, television and magazine advertisement development, website developments, j cards, contests, promotional giveaways and more. For more information contact – 877-642-2600 Sweden: Patrik Book -