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41 years old
SF/Bay Area
United States
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Dark Brown/Varies

Varies on a quarterly basis, lol

110 lbs

Bella Chica Bikinis

About Me
"What you see is what you get" with me. I always find it amusing to hear what people's first impressions of me are. It almost defeats the purpose of trying to describe myself when they tend to make pre-judgments of me anyway. I may look "high maintenance" just minus the diva attitude. My spirituality humbles me. I'm really a simple, down-to-earth person. I don't wear alot of jewelry even though my birthstone is "diamond." If I could, I'd wear my velour jumpsuits and tennis shoes every day because it's the most comfortable. I have an optimistic outlook on life. It's the little things that make me happy...like having my gas tank full or laying in newly clean sheets fresh out of the dryer to eating popcorn at the movies (with EXTRA butter, lol). I love cheese! If I were an animal (or mammal at that), I'd be a dolphin because they're intelligent, playful, and social creatures. I laugh alot, hehehe...You burn 5 calories every time you laugh...That's my secret to staying slender. Shhh!

Work Ethic
I'm a "jill of all trades but a master of none." I take pride in everything I do so I always give 110%. I'm a queen of ideas and I'm not afraid to voice them. I'm responsible, punctual, and always professional. I want to collaborate with other creative minds who strive to challenge themselves to new heights. I've been modeling on and off for over 3 years now. I've discovered that this is a competitive...AND cruel industry, but I'm proud to say that my biggest accomplishment with modeling (as corny as this may sound) has been maintaining my integrity, virtues, morals, and ethics.

Words to Live By
Why try so hard to fit in when you can easily stand out? ;D
You shouldn't go through life unnoticed.
"The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do." ~ Walter Bagehot

Do I have myspace?
Yes I do! Who doesn't, right?! Lol! It's myspace.com/summer_alexis
What's my nationality?

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www.theWMBW.com Monthly Winner - November 2007
Savvy.com Is She Hot Winner - February 2007
Featured Voodoo Vixen on VoodooTonic.com - November 2006
FHM Philippines Online Babe - October 2006
Kinspire Model Search Finalist - April 2006 - current
Maxim Hometown Hotties Contestant - April 2006
Featured Girlfriend of the Day on NextHitz.com - March 2006
Featured Newtrendz Supermodel - March 2006
2nd Place Winner in the Gear Contest - 2005
Sports Illustrated, Submission Print June 2005
Michael Vincent @ Fluid, Print June 2005
Pinays.com @ Wildcard, Flyer Print May 2005
Hawaiian Tropics @ Starlight, Flyer Print April 2005
Xplode Entertainment, Flyer Print July 2004

Promotional Modeling:
Promotional model for Burger King - December 2007
Promotional model/hostess for Hennessy - November/December 2007
Bodypaint model/hostess for K├╝bler Absinthe - November 2007
Promotional model for Budweiser/Budlight - November 2007
Promotional model for West Coast Leather - November 2007
Promotional model for Bvlgari - September 2007
MBC Promotion (Team lead) June 2005
Nationwide Extreme Makeover Tour promotion for Revlon May 2005
Promotional model for Axe Shower Gel April 2005
American Consumer Lab Promotion March 2005
Promotional model for Bushmills Irish Whiskey March 2005
Promotional model for Jameson March 2005
Promotional model for Chivas Regal December 2004
Promotional model for Intrigue November/December 2004
Promotional model for Kazkar Feni November 2004

Kiss Kiss Fashion Show (Sunnyvale, CA) - February 2007
2nd Place Winner for Angels Calendar Search - November 2006
MetroPark Fashion Show (San Jose, CA) - November 2006
Newtrendz Fashion Show/AEOM Collections featuring "Chico deBarge" (San Jose, CA) June 2005
Fashion Plate Fashion Show (San Jose, CA) May 2005
Fashion Plate 80's & Lingerie Fashion Show (San Jose, CA) February 2005

Super Models of Blackjack Tournament (Champion) October 2007
Supermodels of Bowling Tournament for USA Bikini Bowling Team (Champion) - February 2007
G2E Gaming Convention/Promotional model for WLG (Las Vegas, NV) October 2006
Hot Import Nightshift (San Francisco, CA) September 2006
Hot Import Nights (San Jose, CA) Feb 2006
Supermodels of Blackjack - March 2006
Hot Import Daze/Promotional model for Modified (Pleasanton, CA) October 2005
Grand Prix/Promotional model for Throttle Down (San Jose, CA) July 2005
Hot Import Nights/ Promotional model for Subaru (San Mateo, CA) April 2005
Extreme ModelFest II (San Francisco, CA) October 2004
Hot Import Daze (San Mateo, CA) October 2004
Import & Truck Affair (Sacramento, CA) July 2004

Red Bull La Formula Una Finalist - June 2006
Spokesmodel for Music Lives at Paul McCartney concert November 2005
Spokesmodel for American Idol Underground August 2005
Bay Area MTV Spokesmodel Finalist/Winner July 2005 - current
YourBodyWorks, Spokesmodel May 2005

Special Appearances:
Easy Entertaining with Michael Chiarello - "Bruschetta Cocktail Party" on the Food Network July 2005

Music Videos:
Main girl in B.T.H.'s "Oh Girl" Video - September 2007
Feature in Planet B's "End of the World" Video - June 2006

hula-hooping, dancing, writing,

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12/24/2008 18:33:11
Merry Christmas to you and your family!
xoxo,Lilly Ruiz

07/25/2008 14:56:49
Hey Sexy!!!

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