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Racey Girls Model Search 2009
Posted On 05/02/2009 08:05:55
Racey Girls Model Search is in 2 weeks.  Hosted at the one and only Nygard Cay in the Bahamas, Moda Star Swimwear will be the featured bikini line for the entire event.

Event Schedule

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Moda Star Bikinis at ASR 2009
Posted On 01/28/2009 23:42:57

The ASR Convention in San Diego, California is one of the largest events for retailers involved in the commerce of Action Sports.   This year Moda Star Bikinis and the Moda Star Models group setup a booth to display their goods. 
MODA STAR, the latest creative bikini has just landed giving a breath of fresh air into the swimwear industry! 

This is the enchanting story of a charming and affordable bikini linked to a very unique and impressive merchandising concept, powerful branding and visual identity, and an impacting marketing strategy.  Teamed with a modeling agency and various resort facilities, MODA STAR will have an immediate impact in world of fashion, modeling, MMA, vacation hot spots and more.

While at the Action Sports Retailer convention, Moda Star Bikinis and their fabulous models Alex Zerega, Danielle May and Nicole Brewer, displayed with vigor the newest releases from the Moda Star Bikini Sping/Summer 2009 collection. 

Groups and organizations from all over come to view the latest fads, styles and crazes out for this coming summer months, and Moda Star Bikinis is right there with them showing off their cool, sleek and sexy styles. 

In speaking more with Moda Star executive and founder Greg Richburg, we learned that their first private label clothing line was designed and manufactured in the spring and summer of 2008.   They have successfully created an excellent foundation system of bikinis made up of 10 different bikini styles and over 15 different fabrics. They have developed a mix and match style system that with their current product line can yield over 150 various items. Also, they have designed a few different body wraps to accommodate the bikinis, offering multiple looks and flavors.

Inspired by Brazilian design Corpo De Aqua, Ujena, Exotica, Blue Sky, beautiful
photography and beaches all over the planet, the Moda Star Family has created an idea that is making a grand entrance with world wide impact.

Along with the new fashion and fun bikini line, Moda Star Bikinis had an impressive online catalog and magazine.  The Moda Star Bikini Magazine (www.modastarmagazine.com) offers a high end flash flip book integrated with an order form and loads of high end images of their beautiful models, and of course their swimwear.  Interestingly enough, they are actually in the progress of developing a turnkey solution for other manufactures for web based sales, both retail and wholesale alike. 

So the Moda Star Bikinis staff was there turning more then just heads of retailers, but also there to offer support and services to manufacturers wanting this type of web based digital publication model.  The idea is to take any manufacturer’s printed catalog and order form and turn it into a secured web based flash magazine order form quickly and easily.  More information about this can be found with their partner company.  Just Google Netricks Media.

Cutting edge, avant-garde, progressive and sexy for sure.  Seeking more information on Moda Star Bikinis, Moda Star Models, and Moda Star Magazine?  Go check out any of their beautiful, high class websites. 

Vera Jones
Central Valley Entertainment News

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Moda Star Bikinis at ASR in San Diego
Posted On 01/11/2009 07:24:48
Moda Star Bikinis will be at the ASR convention in San Diego.  We will be at booth number 1006a so please come and say hello.

Come by and get some bikinis and update your portfolio with new Moda Star Bikinis pictures.  We will have a photographer there with us and be hanging out having a good time.  We will be giving away swimsuits to the first 25 models that come say hello.

Our goal is to get stores to sign up to carry our bikini line.  This will mean more publicity for all of the Moda Star Models.  If you don't already have a Moda Star bikini and wish to get one, please send me a message and I will see about getting you one. 

We want pictures of you in our suits.  So I will gladly send you a suit if you can send me back a nice picture of you wearing it.

Thank you and pass the word around about the ASR convention in San Diego.  The show is from January 22 through January 24th.

Thank you,

Greg Richburg
Moda Star, Inc.

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We want you for the Moda Star Bikini Challenge 2008
Posted On 05/22/2008 13:12:04
Things are heating up for the upcoming Moda Star Bikini Challenge 2008

Three events have been scheduled (Reno on July 18th, Las Vegas on July 20th and Fresno on July 26th).

These three major events will help launch Moda Star Models and Moda Star Clothing into the world.

What's going to happen at these events?

First, Moda Star Models and the Moda Star Bikini Line will be holding casting calls, photo shoots and contests to find the models for the new bikini catalog.

Second, we're going to have professional photographers and make up artists do their magic and put you in your own real-life photo shoot.  We've already booked photographers Patrik Book of Sweden and JP Maroot for the event.   And we've got Roy Silva scheduled for hair and make up. This is going to be one major event! 

And lastly, you can help debut the new Moda Star Bikini Line. It's a brand, new, never been seen before line of sexy swimwear designed by us.

If you are interested in being a swimsuit bikini model, please submit your information including photos, measurements and experience.

There will be contracts given as awards and also prize money, clothing, makeup and more.

Three cities will be involved at this time: Fresno, Reno and Las Vegas. We would like to have 50 or more models at each event.

Please pass around and send request more information here or send to info@modastarmodels.com.

Hope to see you there in Fresno, Reno and Las Vegas ... or at all three events.

Go to modastarfashion.com to enter.

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Modeling Terms and Glossary
Posted On 11/29/2007 18:58:57

ADVERTISING AGENCY - creates advertising campaigns for clients, selects models.
AFTRA - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, union for all TV performers.
AGENT, AGENCY - third party negotiator, receives percentage fee of bookings; could be an individual person or a company.
ART DIRECTOR - artist who creates layout for ads, illustrates model's poses.
BACKDROP - background used in a photographer's studio.
BLOCKING - the actual physical movements by actors in any scene.
BLOW-UP - enlargement photo from a negative or slide.
BOOK - see PORTFOLIO; BOOK (verb) - to secure a job.
BOOKER - person at agency who sets appointments for models.
BOOKING - specific job assignment.
BOOK OUT - when you tell your agency that you are unavailable to work for certain day(s), for example, a vacation or another job.
BREAKDOWN SERVICE - a professional listing available only to agencies that lists movies, film, TV, and stage projects with what types of actors are being cast.
BUYER - retail store employee who purchases clothing from the manufacturer; models show the line of clothing to store buyers.
BUYOUT - advance payment for future use of a print ad or a commercial for a specific period of time
CALL - appointment.
CALL-BACK - second interview after go and see/audition which means they are narrowing down the selection and they are considering you.
CALL TIME - actual time you are due on set.
CASTING - choosing models/actors for a specific job.
CASTING DIRECTOR - selects suitable models to represent the comp or storyboard.
CANCELLATION - 24 hour notice before booking is to begin or money is due agency and talent.
CATALOG MODELING - posing for mail order items for major retailers.
CATTLE CALL - several agencies send many models of the same general type to a casting session.
CLIENT - company who hires the ad agency, pays the model's fee.
COLD READING - a script that you are reading for the first time in front of the client, without time to memorize the lines.
COLLECTION - group of coordinated clothes being shown by a designer.
COMMENTARY - script used to describe clothes for a fashion show.
COMMERCIAL - promotional advertisement on TV, radio or other media.
COMMISSION - a percentage of model's fee required as payment to agency.
COMPOSITE CARD, COMP CARD, CARD - card with 3-5 photos of model and their height, eye and hair color and size information to promote and distribute to prospective clients.
CONTACT SHEET - proofs of black and white film used to determine best shots.
COPY - written words to be spoken on a commercial.
CREATIVE DIRECTOR - ad agency employee who determines the model type.
DEMONSTRATOR - model who shows use of product at a trade show or store.
DESIGNER - creator of the fashion collections.
DRESSER - helps models dress backstage for fashion shows.

EXTRA - acting job where the actor has no speaking lines, but stands in the background and adds to the atmosphere of a scene.
FASHION COORDINATOR - puts fashion show outfits together in retail stores.
FASHION TRENDS - gradual changes in fashion styles.
FIT MODELING - modeling the original sample garment to test for sizing, clients chose a model whose measurements match the sample size exactly.
FITTING - trying on clothes to determine fit and style, usually before a fashion show.
FLIPPER - false teeth used for young children to temporarily fill in for lost teeth.
FORMAL FASHION SHOW, RUNWAY SHOW - invited audience, stage, music; models walk down runway to show designer clothing.
FREELANCE - modeling for clients without agency representation.
FULL-LENGTH SHOT - head to toe photograph.
GO&SEE - job interview, model meets a client and shows portfolio.
HAIR STYLIST - works on hair changes.
HEADSHOT - photo of head and shoulders.
HEADSHEET - agency sheet, poster, or book of models they represent that goes to prospective clients
HIGH FASHION - extreme, chic, sophisticated model type.
HOLD - when the agency puts you "on hold" for a job, it means the client is seriously considering you and wants you to keep the time available for them first.
ILLUSTRATION MODEL - poses for artists.
INDUSTRIAL - non-broadcast production, often educational or sales films & tapes.
INFORMAL FASHION SHOW - in stores or restaurants, walk around, no runway.
JUNIOR MODEL - youthful type.

LINES -script, words.
LINE-UP - position of model and garment in a fashion show.
LOCATION -assignment site outside the studio.
LOUPE -small magnifying glass to see slides and contact sheet images eight times larger.
MAKEUP ARTIST - applies and changes makeup for photo sessions.
MARKET, JOB MARKET - any location where there is a lot of work.
MARKET WEEK - 4-6 times per year when seasonal collections are shown to buyers.
MODEL BAG - a large tote in which you carry all your makeup and working essentials.
MODEL RELEASE - contract in which the model gives permission to use the photo as the client specifies.
MODEL AGENCY - represents model for employment and receives a percentage of the bookings.
MONOLOGUE - a scene performed by one person for a client, that reflects a particular mood and demonstrates your acting talent.
MOOD - the feeling a model projects to suit the specific assignment.
OPEN CALL - casting when the client sees all models suitable for the type requested.
PORTFOLIO - main promotional tool for models - select photos in a vinyl or leather casebook which show the model at his/her photogenic best and samples of their work (tearsheets).
PRINCIPAL - main performer in the foreground.
PRINT - a photograph printed in newspaper or magazine form.
PRINTWORK - photography taken for catalog and mail order, books, brochures, ads for magazines or newspapers, magazine covers, commercial photography for household products, business products and services, glamour products.

PRODUCER - person responsible for the day to day decision making on a production
PROMOTION - publicity to advance a product, service or person.
PROOF - intermediate stage of photo development from which you can chose best pictures.
PUBLIC RELATIONS - creating an image of a product or service in the eyes of the public, mainly through newspaper articles.

RATES - fees charged by the model.
RESIDUALS - additional money paid when a piece runs in repeat, rates dictated by the unions.
ROUNDS -calling on prospective clients for photography and television.
RUNWAY -a narrow raised platform on which the model shows the clothing.
SAMPLE - piece of clothing from a line, one?of?a?kind.
SCALE WAGE -minimum wage set by the unions.
SCOUT - person looking for prospective models.
SET - arrangement of props and furniture in a TV or photo studio.
SHOOT - photo session.
SHOWROOM WORK - manufacturer's showcase of a clothing line to buyers using live models ? when the seasonal clothing designs are being shown.
SIGN-IN SHEET - on cattle calls, lists the order in which each model arrived to audition.
SLATE - to state your name on camera before your commercial audition.
SPEC SHOT - photographer's idea of a comp which he/she hopes to sell to the client.
SPOKESPERSON - person/model chosen to explain the features of a product/service.
STAGE PARENT - an adult who pushes and watches too closely over a child performer, gets in the way of the shoot.
STATS - statistical information of a model, including measurements, size, height, etc.
STORYBOARD -artwork that shows each scene of a commercial.
STROBE - light unit used by a photographer.
STYLIST - coordinates the fashions and accessories, checks fit of clothing, visual scene.
TEARSHEET - copy of a print ad that the model keeps in the portfolio as proof of work.
TELEPROMPTER - TV-like screen that displays the cue card words.
TESTIMONIAL - celebrity declaration to the value of a product/service; improvisational endorsement of a product or service that the actor has officially tested, used and approved.
TEST SHOTS, TEST PHOTOGRAPHY - photos used to build a beginning portfolio
3/4 SHOTS - photo from head to mid thigh.
TRADES, TRADE PAPERS - trade publications such as Variety, Backstage, NY Casting, Actor's Resource Network, Ross Reports, Drama-Logue, Billboard, Hollywood Reporter.
TRADE SHOWS - industry promotional display of products/services usually in a hotel or convention center
TRANSPARENCIES - the slide forms of a photograph.
TRUNK SHOW - informal modeling of one specific designer line, usually in a store or small boutique.
USAGE - additional fees for higher exposure, like a billboard or national use.
VOICEOVER - background voices for radio or video recorded separately in a recording studio and dubbed onto visual.
VOUCHER - three-piece form with a model release on which client acknowledges hours worked by the model, agency copy used to bill and get paid.
WEATHER PERMIT - a location job that is dependent on fair weather, may be canceled the day before or that morning.

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The Moda Star Models Beginning
Posted On 11/27/2007 15:40:58

Bikini GirlMODA STAR MODELS was created during the Summer of 2006.  With the cooperative efforts of acclaimed Swedish photographer Patrik Book and award winning web design and marketing entrepreneur Greg Richburg from California, Moda Star became a reality.

MODA – Fashion – Style – Tend – Craze – Mode – All The Rage – In – Vogue

However you can look at it, MODA STAR is all about and defines the lines of the photography and modeling.
With heavy ties to the swimwear and bikini industry, Moda Star Models can be found at various swimwear and bikini contests all over the world like the Ujena Bikini Jam in Puerta Vallarta Mexico towards the end of Augurst 2008.

Moda Star offers a wide range of advertising and sponsorship opportunities in the form of banner ads, model sponsorships, television and magazine advertisement development, website developments, j cards, contests, promotional giveaways and more.

For more information contact info@modastarmodels.com – 877-642-2600
Sweden: Patrik Book - patrik@trickymedia.se

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Moda Star Bikinis and Swimwear

*** Moda Star, Inc. ***